Linux based computer systems

Let us start by telling you what we don’t do. We do not supply or support Windows based systems or Apple Mac systems.

What is Linux?

Linux is a computer operating system much the same as Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Android on your tablet and phone. It does the same job. It sits between the hardware and the applications. It allows your application to print, type, sound, video and so on. There is a very good chance that the set top box running your television viewing is running a version of Linux. Linux works as a PC operating system in place of Windows and we have used nothing else since 2012. We are able to do everything we used to do on Windows and a bit more besides.

Why choose Linux?

Linux is not for everyone. A lot of applications are built for Windows and are available only on Windows, for example Sage accounting software only runs on Windows platforms. The same is true for a number of specialist software built for example for professions, education and so on.

Linux has many advantages over its competitors for use in business. The biggest attractions are cost, productivity, security and freedom of licensing. Linux come free! Yes, that’s right it does not cost you anything to install and use a Linux operating system. You can install and use Linux completely free of any on costs.

You don’t have to pay to write documents, to run a spreadsheet, to publish documents, to manipulate images, to view videos or images. So how can it be done for nothing – because there are people in this world who believe that it should be offered for nothing and give freely of their time to develop and maintain Linux based software.

Where do I get Linux / What Linux version should I use?

Linux is not a single operating offering. There are many different offerings of it. The number of variants are too many to explore here and it does not matter greatly. Visit our History of Linux page if you are really interested.

At Linux Computing UK we have researched the options and have settled on two popular and reliable Linux versions, one for desktop machines and another for servers.

Linux for home use and business workstations

For home computers or business workstations we advise clients to use the Ubuntu operating system. This does the same job as Windows desktop only in our view better. Ubuntu have a policy of issuing a new version every 6 months, with updates in between. Unlike Microsoft you don’t have to wait for ever for a new version which then doesn’t work properly when you get it.

We are happy to discuss your requirements. For home users we can buy, build, install Linux and deliver you a new home computer to your specification and need. Call 07748 630222 to discuss your options.

Linux for business servers

For business servers we advise clients to use the ClearOS. ClearOS is an easy to install and run server operating system. It is easy to set up so that staff can share resources in the same way that Windows Server operates. Once installed and up and running it will give years of trouble free service.

We are not VAT registered. If you would like us to supply you a Linux based server we would ask you to purchase the items needed and have them delivered to us. We would then build and install the operating system and then configure it for your needs. We would obviously charge for those services but would recoup some of the VAT on the purchase. Call 07748 630222 to discuss your options.

When it comes to what software to run we have researched number of applications and software that we feel is essential and suitable for business an home users. We are always happy to advise and recommend to find the best solution for you.