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Welcome to Linux Computing UK

At Linux Computing UK we have teamed up with Accountz accounting software to bring you cost effective, high performance and reliable business desktop computers installed and ready to use out of the box! Ideal for new start up businesses where cost control is critical.
We offer bundled desktop Linux computers that are pre-installed and configured with the essential software and applications that is needed for any thriving business, including Accountz accounting software, Email application, Open Office Writer and Open Office Calc (popular open source word processing and spreadsheet) on either Ubuntu or Kubuntu Linux operating systems.
All of our bundled Linux desktop computers come complete with a mouse, keyboard and a 19" wide screen LCD monitor. All of our Desktop Bundles Come with Free Phone and Remote Assistance support!

Our Services

Click here to find out about Ubuntu and the bundled ubuntu computers we offer Click here to find out about Clearos and the bundled clearos servers we offer Click here to view the Accountz accounting software we offer with our bundled desktop computers Click here to access our range of support services available

Bundled Services

Below is a list of the services included with all of our bundled packages.

  • Free online support included
  • Free phone support included
  • Complete Bundled Business Computers
  • Plug and Go pre installed computers
  • Free delivery any where within the UK
  • All work guaranteed

Who We Are

Linux Computing the smarter operating system

At Linux Computing UK our aim is to provide smaller businesses with a stable and efficient means to run their business and manage their accounts with an IT solution without breaking the bank.
After extensive searching and testing we found our solution with Accountz accounting software whilst running under the free to use Linux operating systems Ubuntu or Kubuntu

Why Choose Linux Computing?

Linux Computing UK

Linux Computing UK have a combined technical experience of 40+ years and are dedicated to providing cost effective business Desktop Computer Bundles and accounting solutions. We are specialists in providing Linux computer solutions for Business. Based in the UK we can provide support to all our clients using a variety of remote access techniques from our UK based support centre.

Linux is known for its dependability, low cost of ownership and security. Because it is based on an open source model, it isn't crippled by software provider release dates. For all of these reasons, Linux has established a strong following as computer and server operating systems - accounting for nearly 12 percent of new server operating system shipments. But that alone does not settle the argument of Linux over Windows. As an open source product that practices "security by transparency", Linux tends to be secure by default. Therefore, security issues are quickly identified and corrected. As a true multi-user, multi-processing operating system, Linux can grow in tandem with your organization and its computing needs. The efficient and compact Linux kernel is designed to maximize use of its hardware resources, delivering high performance with very little overhead.