Domain purchase & renewal

Your business deserves a good domain name. This is your property and is an asset to your business. We can help you get the right domain name for your business

If you don’t have a domain don’t worry. We can search and register the best domain name for your use.

If you already have a domain registered and want us to transfer it to our servers then we can deal with it for you.

What is involved?

Before you can use a website you need a domain name by which users can reach your site.

Domain names are regulated internationally by a number of registration agencies.

Domains are bought and registered for you to use for a number of years. Normally domains can be registered for 2 years or 5 years.

They can be renewed at the end of that term for a further number of years.

Even if your domain is already registered with somebody else it can easily be transferred to an alternate registrar.

What we do for you

Arrange domain registration. (These remain your domains. We register them in your name. We manage them on your behalf.)

Deal with domain renewal for you.

Forward your domain to other servers or to other domains.

Transfer your domain from your current domain registrar.

Maintain your domain DNS records for you.

Costs and pricing

We do not aim to make money out of buying your domain for you. We will always pass the cost to you directly. We do however make a small charge to offset the cost of registering or renewing a domain for you.

Domains are not easy to price as it all depends on the sort of domain name you want. UK registered (.uk, etc) domains are cheaper than American registered domains (.com, .org, .net etc). The cost also depends on how long you register the domain for. Typically 2 or 5 years but other terms are sometimes available.

To purchase your domain name we charge a £4 handling fee, to renew your domain we charge a £2 handling fee. Domain transfers will be priced as required. Payments can be made by cheque or Internet payment. We cannot accept Credit or Debit Cards.

Domain registration. In order to use a web domain it needs to be registered. There are a number of companies offering registration services and costs differ. Regardless of who you use to register your domain the domain will end up registered with one of a number of internationally recognised organisations. For .uk domains this is Nominet. Provided to you at cost plus a £4 handling fee payable on 14 day invoice or in advance.

Transfer Registrar. All web domains are registered with a domain registrar. You can choose which registrar you use for all your web domains. Some registrars are easier to work with than others. Even though your domain is currently registered with on registrar you can transfer this domain to another registrar. We are here to help you do this. Provided to you free for all .uk domains but some registrars may charge a small registration fee.

Transfer Domain. Transferring a domain is not the same as changing the registrar. When you have a working website, the files that make up that website are ‘hosted’ on a server somewhere on the Internet. If you transfer the domain then the files are moved from one server and hosted on a different server. This can be complicated if you website currently uses databases or has special features. We can often do this work for free but if required we will estimate the cost and agree it with you before proceeding.