Website Design & Development

We create bespoke websites to suit your needs.

You may have a business, be a community group or even an individual. It does not matter what you do we can build a solution for you.

For us to help you we will need to understand your needs and build a website to suit you. We will know more about your business when we have finished than you will know about ours!

Control your own Content

Let’s be up front and honest. We are not interested in writing copy for you, we don’t want spend hours manipulating pictures for you. After all you know your business best and you know what you need to to promote your business.

What we do want to do is get you set up with a website, to pick a theme and colour scheme to help you, to do all the behind the scenes work that we do not expect you to know about (unless you are a computer programmer) and then we want to leave you to build your site as you want it.

Content Management websites are sites where you control the content of your site. We will set up the basic structure, style, colour scheme for you. You then will add or remove the images, articles, sidebars and other content for yourself.

However, we do not cast into the deep blue sea and let you sink or swim. We are happy to give you tutorials and tuition to help you on your way. We are always on hand to help you if you have problems loading content or images.

Prices start from £250 for set up. Other charges apply if we need to create logos, images, banners etc.

Promoting your website (SEO)

We will never claim to get you on the first page of Google. Lets be fair, unless the first page of Google is a million items long it is an almost impossible dream. We will not promise you a particular number of visitors. We will not promise you thousands of sales orders. We will not try to get you on dozens of web directory sites every month.

We will register your site for site verification with Google, Bing and Yahoo – the three main search engines. We will make sure all your page title, page description and keywords are targetted towards your area of expertise. We will create a sitemap and robot.txt for your site.

Customised Web Forum / Bulletin Boards

You can produce you a customised Forum Site to match your existing website colour scheme and style. Forum sites allow your clients to ask you questions which form part of your customer support service. Prices from £150.